Samsung to Pay Apple $120M


A Federal jury ruled that Samsung has to pay Apple $119.6 million for damages on the patent infringement cases. The legal battle has been going on for quite a while now since appeals had been made by both parties. And the legal battle will not stop any time soon since there are still more cases that both companies will be filing in the near future.

Patent Infringement Cases

Apple has been suing the Korean tech giant due to patent infringements and Samsung has filed some cases of their own as well, resulting to a long-running legal battle. The first ruling on the case filed by Apple against Samsung had ruled out that the Korean tech giant need to pay $1 billion in damages to Apple, much to the dismay of the US tech giant which had filed for more than a $2 billion case.

Due to appeals, Samsung was successful in putting the $450 million damages for reconsideration, enabling them to lessen the fees they have to pay to Apple.

  • Cases Filed by Samsung

Aside from the appeals that Samsung had filed, the tech giant also filed cases against Apple and was able to win one of the cases by convincing the jury that the latter had infringed one of Samsung’s patents. The decision of the jury made Apple pay Samsung $158,000. It was not considered by many a big of a deal but it still gave a noticeable blow to Apple which had been firing at Samsung with several patent infringement cases for the past 3 years.

  • Weakening Cases

Although the battle between Samsung and Apple has not ended yet, many noticed that the legal battle between the two giants is slowing down. Though, appeals are still open and both parties are still able to file on the court.

  • Consumers – Real Winners

Consumers, however, are glad that the battle between the two tech giants is seemingly getting to a halt, even if appeals are still being filed, which would result in the two companies focusing on the interest of the consumers rather than the legal battle than has been going on for some time now.

Many consumers also think that there won’t be any more new cases filed by the two giants since Android and iOS are looking more different from one another. Since the release of the new Android versions in the market, consumers noticed dramatic changes in the OS, which made consumers believe that this will be the beginning of the closure of the long-running legal battle between Apple and Samsung.

It is believed, though, that there will still be more cases to be filed by Apple but these can be more trivial than the first cases, which were filed three years ago, since the difference between the two OS is quite noticeable. Samsung may even file cases but these battles are seen to be getting old since consumers are now able to differentiate the two OS. It is considered that people have already moved on and legal battles between the two giants can take a rest.

This entry was posted on July 1, 2014.